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Genesis Including the book of Genesis, Over 40% of the Old Testament is written in the narrative genre; a historical retelling of events .The three major themes of Genesis are the account of God's creation of the earth and everything living within it, the fall of man by temptation, and protevangelium, which was God's redemptive plan for mankind revealed in the Old Testament. God and his relationship with mankind take center stage in this book. The book starts with the toledot (a Hebrew word meaning 1."generations" or in this case 2."an account of") the creation of the heavens and the earth in Genesis 1. Adam and Eve fell to temptation because of distrust in God and for this reason they were forced to leave the Garden of Eden. As sin continued through the descendants of Adam and propagated upon the Earth until by the time…show more content…
On a smaller scale, this book shows the embryonic development of Hebrew nation made of former Egyptian slaves led out of bondage through God's prophet Moses. Moses was a Hebrew boy adopted by Pharaoh's daughter (likely to have been Hatshepsut, the granddaughter of Amenhotep I who is thought to have issued the command to kill all male Hebrew children a year or so before his death). After killing an Egyptian, Moses went into exile where would hear from God about his call to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. After some reluctance, Moses agreed to face Pharaoh . Pharaoh was not willing to let the Hebrew's go free and as a result God used Moses to bring 10 plagues upon Egypt to show his authority over the earth. After the final plague, which took the life of Pharoah's son, the Hebrews were allowed to leave Egypt.. Though pharaoh changed his mind and gave chase, God provided a way of escape through the Red Sea and into the wilderness. Here, God provides the Israelite's with laws that would guide the new nation on the way to and inside of the Promised

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