Generic vs. Brand Name Products

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ABSTRACT If brand and generic cookies and fruit snacks are tastes, then the brand will be preffered. There are 17 subjects in this experiment, 3 males and 14 females ages 16 and 17. The participants will tastw both brand and generic cookies and fruit snacks and write on a slip of paper which group they preferred best. The experimenter will then count the slips of paper to find out which products are preferred. The results show that 15 participants preferred the brand name cookies while 6 preffered the generic, 11 participants like the brand name fruit snacks while 6 preffered the generic. This experiment proved that consumers prefer brand name products over generic. INTRODUCTION The scientific problem under study is to establish which people like better, brand name products or generic products. This experiment was conducted to determine which product people prefer: brand name or generic products. Many other experiments have been conducted to conclude which people believe to be better. In one experiment the researcher randomly picked 43 psycholgy students to participate in his experiemnt. He then separated them into two separate groups and gave each of them a questionnaire, one group had a picture of a brand name cereal at the top, and the other group had a picture of generic cereal at the top of their questionnaire. There were ten questions on each questionnaire that the participants were to answer after tasting the cereal. Five questions were behavioral based questions, and the other five were to rate the taste and perception. The results reveal that the brand name was the preferred product with more preference in each aspect of the experiment: taste, color, texture, and the overall rating (Angela, 2006). In another experiment researchers had participants rate the color swatches with either a brand name such as mocha, or a generic name such as

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