Generations to Come Essay

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In today’s economy Americans are struggling to survive. Routine producers, who produce manual labor mostly in factories, are loosing jobs due to new discoveries that no longer require manual labor. The in-person servers, who accommodate our needs from retail stores and other forms of service, are slowly falling in our economical crisis due to budget cuts, and our new generation of communication and technology. However, symbolic analysts around the globe are succeeding dramatically. Today’s symbolic analysts are inventors, problem solvers, identifiers, and people who have the qualities and characteristics to change the world. Robert Reich, the author of, “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor Poorer,” expresses how symbolic analysts around the world are becoming more demanding and wealthier as life continues. “ Unlike the boats of routine producers and in-person servers, however, the vessel containing America’s symbolic analyst is rising” (pg431 sec 28). Reich is correct about the growing wealth of symbolic analysts to the extent that, there will always be a demand for inventors, and problem solvers. Symbolic analysts will continue to rise and be wealthy as the future approaches. The growing wealth of symbolic analyst continues to grow, from their importance to our society, the demand for the future, and the function he or she performs during work. Symbolic analysts are becoming more important and needed as our world continues to age. Scientist are expected to help discover new things about the world. The symbolic analysts that make up scientist help discover new cures for diseases, and discover many new things about the world today. As scientist discover new cures, and new ways to keep Earth safe, the planet becomes a safer and healthier planet to live on. Robert Reich makes a point on the major reason for the growth of symbolic analyst, “ The most

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