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Brief Summary of Case Study Every generation that passes, possesses different work habits and characteristics. The current generation Y (gen Y) however appears to be the most different from both generation X and the baby boomers. It is estimated that in ten years’ time 40% of the workforce will be occupied by gen Y workers. Studies show that gen Y workers are much more tech savvy and therefore can be more efficient within a workplace. They are full of knowledge on the continuous technological changes that occur so regularly. Gen Y employees also have a tendency to change careers frequently, with the average expectancy for them to stay in a workplace being only two years. This can be difficult for employers as they must continuously train new employees whilst losing their experienced workers. Another characteristic of gen Y workers is their preference to practical tasks rather than theory work. Because of this, they are always updating their skills, whether it is by taking courses or moving around workplaces for more experience. This however has shown that the current generation have poorer literacy and numeracy skills. Gen Y employees also prefer the idea of leaders instead of bosses. They prefer workplaces with a less of a hierarchy structure Because of the above mentioned characteristics of gen Y, Human Resources Managers (HRM) are changing and improving their workplaces to suit the demands of gen Y employees. An example of this is: A Baker’s Delight store in Western Australia had an employee named Donna Pocklington who just finished her three year baking apprenticeship. Baker’s Delight then went on to add to her skill development by adding a 12 month retail management course. As an added incentive for when she finishes, they plan on encouraging Pocklington to assume ownership of one of its franchise stores. These sorts of innovative

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