Generation Y Essay

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The demanding Y’s The new generation is three times as big as the previous one, generation X. Generation Y is the most ethnically diverse generation which has existed, which has entailed that their attitude at work are much different from other generations. The Millennial group find other things than just the pay attractive, so to retain the smart young employees, it will take more than just a good pay. Today’s generation has a completely new innovative way to think when they are at their workplace. The society has changed a lot during the last century and people are much more individualistic than before. The nurture and educational opportunities are very different today compared the earlier. This is a vital part for their attitude at the workplace. Parents centralize their children at home, which mean they get more attention and the children have more influence on decisions than earlier, and those things do of course have an effect on them when they get older and especially their attitude at their workplace. The Y’s has grown up with technology, so what really attracts them, is to have some of the newest technologies they can use, because they rely on it to perform better at their jobs. This career-minded determinedly generation wants feedback, no matter if it is negative or positive. You have to stay available for questions and help them, if they need any help. They want to improve, so giving them challenges are important as well, and they would also like to be heard, so make sure you listen to their input, because they will certainly do the same to you and everyone else in the organisation. The environment on the workplace is quite essential as well to keep them as employees, in other words the relationship with the boss and the other workers has to be good, or otherwise you will not retain them for long. This generation does not understand, accept or either

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