Generation X the Myth Essay

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Generation X: The Myth Brian Payne University of Phoenix The youth of Generation X are a bountiful generation with new ideas on art, music, business, political ideals and social awareness involving the environment. There is an overriding perception that the majority of Gen Xer’s are a stoner, lazy, unmotivated, and overall pitiful representation of the world titled “The Lost Generation”. A label that is patently unfair and biased towards a generation that should be known as the original thinking generation. Generation X represents the generation that saw the signs and chose to walk to the beat of a different drum. Generation X is a generation that represents a generation of free thinkers and Do-It-Yourselfers, original thinkers, and motivated people that work several jobs and live honestly. Generation X has the benefit of being the most ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse generation ever to grace this world. The term Generation X originated from the book "Generation X" by author Douglas Copeland. The term represents the generation that followed the baby boomers. The Gen Xer's were born between 1961 and 1981 (Nevada Outpost, Generation X Defies Definition, para 1). Generation X was brought up in the age of video games, television, computers and single parents. Raised in the 70's and 80's they had the benefit of viewing the horrendous excesses of the 80's when being selfish and self-serving was viewed as proper. Then that generation watched a crushing recession destroy the 80's ideal. Having been party to those times Generation X does not want those mistakes repeated. Generation Xer's are viewed as cynical, hopeless, frustrated, and in unmotivated slackers who wear thrift store clothes, listen to independent music and live at home (Time Magazine, Gen X: The Ignored Generation, para
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