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“Generation OMG” by Kate Zernike March 1, 2011 This New York Times article written by Kate Zernike was very intriguing, but I still had a feeling that she was only focusing on the doom and gloom for the "Great Recession" generation, and not enough of the positive things that we have going for us right now. It can be seen in Times magazine how they already saw the Great Depression generation as a very "safe" one; one that were all too frightened to venture out. I do not find this to be surprising since these are the same kiddos that had to practically observe their parents struggle in a horrible state. That could have caused some type of psychological barrier of fear, which I believe is totally understandable. I am indeed curious to see what the generation in 2030 will have to say about ours. It seems so strange to think that there will one day be another generation in the future that will judge ours, because the current "Great Recession" generation feels so real to us in the present. I wonder if they really will laugh or scoff at the way we handled things? Only time can tell. Next, she took things a step further and analyzed the children at the beginning of a decade (the equivalent of today's nine year olds), and the children at the bottom of that same decade, (equivalent to today's toddlers), which I thought was pretty neat and well thought of. Apparently, the younger kids went through the more psychic trauma, watching their parents splitting up, drinking, and fighting, and thus saw their adolescence years as very murky, turbulent, icky ones. The older kids did just fine, probably because they were usually the ones already watching over the household along with parents. They had seen it all, and the worst of it, too, and they typically went outside of the household to help earn extra cash for the family.

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