Generation Gap Essay

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Essay 1 Final Class name: IPWS 12:15PM Professor: Anna Bassiri Rong Zhang Dec. 7, 2010 Woman As Inferior To Men My grandmother is a typical woman from the older generation. She believes that women are inferior to men. In general, people who were born in the same era as my grandmother all have this thought. When my aunt gave birth to my two female cousins, my grandma's reaction was "Why a daughter?", "Why another daughter?" During the post-natal care, my grandmother was not like other mother-in-laws to take care of her daughter-in-law. Furthermore, in the year that my aunt gave birth to my first cousin, I was also born. It became a striking contrast that my house was always full of people, but my aunt’s house was very quiet. All the elders in the family came to visit because I was a boy, whereas no one visited my cousin, because she was a girl. From the difference between the way my birth and my cousins’ birth were treated, we can see that the elders treat males and females differently and have different attitudes about males and females. This is because my parent’s generation and my grandparent’s generation believe that women are inferior to men. The reason why the older generations believe that men are superior to women is connected to our culture. First, in the old generation, China was an agriculture based society. The work on the farm and fields was heavy manual labor. Therefore, families urgently needed manual workers to do the hard work. Since men are stronger than women, men were considered to be more valuable. In older generation, on the basis of difference contributions to the family, people thought women are inferior to men. Low social status directly determined the low status in the family. In the old generation, women always stayed at home did some housework and took care of children. All the important decisions were made by men. Women had no

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