Generation Gap Essay

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Generation gap is defined as the difference in opinions, attitudes and behaviours the old and the new generation. The generation gap has always been there but these days the gap has become wider. The values and patterns of life have changed to a great extent. The progress of time and technologies has made the introduction of new ideas, new beliefs and new values unavoidable. The older generation always wonder what has gone wrong with the younger generation. They feel that the youths during their time were better behaved and had greater respect for their elders. They tend to criticise and complain about the youths’ behaviour. The youths, on the other hand choose to ignore the criticism and the complaints of the older generation. They feel that they are capable enough to learn on their own rather than leaning on the older generation for guidance. It is this kind of attitude that has widened the generation gap. The younger generation differs in the way of dressing, food, habits and entertainment. These changes are indicative of progress. Unfortunately, The older generation find it hard to accept these changes. For example, for young people wearing jeans and miniskirts is a normal thing to do but the older generation might find these outfits inappropriate. The differences also appear in the way of entertainment. For example, the younger generation these days loves listening to pop music, rock music and techno music. But the older generation does not understand and appreciate these types of music. They rather listen to the music from their youth. The difference taste in clothing and music between the younger and the older generation has widened the generation gap. Moreover, the older generations hold fast to tradition and old customs, which they consider as part of their cultural heritage or social values. Younger generations, however, prefer to adopt modern
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