Generation Gap Essay

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Generation Gap As generations come and go, they each possess individual values, attitudes, and goals that set them apart from other generations. A gap has always been noted between the current generation and the others before it. Acting like a barrier, it keeps the different generations distinct. A number of factors play a role in the creation of this barrier. The previous generations have played a big role in shaping the newest generation by offering more help to them, almost too much to the point at which we expect everything. Also, my generation seems to have developed a different attitude about life and themselves. Lastly, open mindedness is easily seen among my generation. These numerous aspects all make up my generation and how we live today. My generation has received more help from the previous generation than they received when they were my age. People from the previous generation did not get things handed out to them. They had to work hard and struggle to earn a nice life. Now since they have achieved this and have the ability to make life easier for their future generations, they provide help for my generation so they would not have to go through the same hardships they had to endure. Also, new and improved technology that has been developed from previous generations has helped my generation tremendously. With tools such as computers, the internet and cell phones, finding new information and communication have been easier than ever. My mother would tell me all the time when I would complain about the internet, that when she was younger we had to go to the library and search and use our brains not just type a sentence into Google and your answer would pop up, this made them use their brain more which made them learn more and feel more accomplished. Lastly, previous generations did not have the scholarship opportunities that my generation

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