Generation Difference Essay

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Name: Chan Chun Hang, Andy Student Number: 11542899d Topic: Generational difference in workplace Different generations came of age at a distinct moment in history and attitude and behaviors of these different generational employees can extend to their job and supervision. These differences can be a benefit for an organization if the a mixture of generational cohorts within an organization have overlapping or balancing attitudes On the other hand, the generation gap in the office can have negative impact and can lead to conflict and loss of organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Generation X (1960-1979) and Baby Boomers (1942-1960), which are the greatest part in the office nowadays, are actually co-operating to help companies design working process that can assist different generations to work together most efficiently and effectively. As we know the distinction between these two generations, Generation X and Baby Boomers, is significant in the employees in the present day, understand the problems and use method to solve the conflict between them will bring employees work more efficiency and effectiveness in the company. One of the major contributors of generational conflicts in the workplace is the different attitudes towards work. According to Jenkins (2007), generation X has been labeled the lazybones generation. Employers complain that younger employees are uncommitted to their jobs and work little overtime and only for the required hours. On the contrary, Baby Boomers may concentrate on their work and that means that younger workers do not work as hard as older workers do. Those different outlooks toward work may generate more disagreement between all age group. It can be imagined that young employee may have more creative methods or ideas to do the project more quickly, but older employees only accept to use traditional ways to complete the
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