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ASSIGNMENT1 (Total points: 100 will be scaled to 700) Team member NAMES : Rafael Herrera Team member Panther IDs:5569611 1. Use the Excel sheet SalesData.csv from the Contents->Week2 folder on Blackboard to answer the following Questions: (40 points totally) (You can use either Pivot tables or calculations to obtain the following answers) a. For each state list the percentage of revenue share by Advertising Channel in the following format: 20 points State Name | Channel | Total Revenue | % Revenue Share | NY | Google Ads | $.... | …… | NY | Bing | $... | …. | (Attach Excel sheet screenshot for this step) b. Draw a pie chart for each state with the total Revenue and % Revenue share (Attach Excel sheet Screenshot for this step) 10 points c. Write a paragraph about what you would infer from the above Data Analysis? 10 points 2. Write an essay on the evolution of computers. (maximum 3 pages, minimum 1 .5 pages . Use 12 pt Times New font, single spaced) - (35 points totally) d. Specifically write about the generations of computers and the main noticeable inventions during each generation. e. Cite the key references used (be it textbook, or, Google ,or, other library books) at the end of the article. f. Scoring Rubric: Research on generations of computers– 15 points ------ 1 point(min) Grammar: 10 points (max)---------1 point (min) Originality in writing: 10 points(max) --- 1 point (min) 3. Answer the following. Each answer not to exceed one single page. (25 points) a) What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Give some industry examples of the same. - 10 points - Business Intelligence or BI is the key role that represents strategic planning process for a company, this allows companies to store, gather and analyze corporate date to

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