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Reading and writing for me was simply expected and I don't recall any hurdles that really enabled me from learning. I still recall having a genuine love for learning something new. I can remember lessons from miss Handelmann, my first grade teacher. Which were brightly colored and filled with excitement. Similar to Ms Handelmann. She always wore bright colored clothing and her demeanor was bright and full of enthusiasm. I can still see the Tattle Tale Monster she drew on the chalkboard with colored chalk whose tail grew the length of the board if we told on one another. I remember we all sat at tables with names from the 64 count box of Crayola Crayons. Our learning tools followed the same theme. She made leaning fun and full of color, like the rainbow, with endless possibility. Junior High School was similar to my Elementary School Experience. As far as High school I wasn't interested in learning. School began to become boring for me and i did what i thought was best for me, drop out; being a rambunctious teenager and all. It was 1991, the middle of my 10th Grade year. It seemed as if what was going on outside of the school walls was much more interesting. I tried vocational schools to no avail. I worked mediocre jobs due to the fact I had no HS Diploma. By 1995 I decided that I needed more and attained my GED. What a proud moment! It wasn't until nursing school that learning took on a different face. I learned that reading and writing was more than just reading and writing. I was introduced to Critical Thinking. For me that was a whole other ball game. It meant I had to look deeper in to the text and do more than just comprehend. I had to use intellect to criticize whether things were true or false. This was done through research and a knowledge base that i was becoming familiar with but not necessary comfortable in. This was one of the hardest things Ive

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