Generating Ideas in Prewriting Essay

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Chapter 2 Generating ideas through prewriting * Prewriting – is the first stage in the writing process, during which you discover what you think you know about a topic and then generate details and examples that will express and illustrate your understanding. * Ask and answer discovery questions – 1. What do I already know about this subject? 2. Why would someone else want to know about this subject? 3. What kinds of details and examples make it easier for me to understand this subject? 4. What’s the most interesting aspect of this subject? * Free writing - is a no-holds-barred prewriting technique that involves writing down all your ideas on a subject for a set period of time-typically ten minutes. 1. Write everything that comes to mind. 2. If you feel blocked write something like “I can’t think” or “I’m stuck here” 3. Highlight, underline, or circle your best ideas. * Brainstorming- Is a far less expansive technique than free writing. 1. Concentrate on a subject 2. Make a list of every idea directly connected to that subject. 3. A set time limit isn’t necessary. 4. You can also brainstorm using your computer, darken the screen so you cannot see what you write. 5. Print the list, highlight, underline or circle ideas you think have potential writing topics. * Clustering –is a visual prewriting technique that shows connections among the ideas you develop. 1. Write a general idea in the middle of the page and circle it. 2. As you think of a related idea or detail, write it down and circle it. 3. Draw a line connecting the ideas. 4. Continue this process. Use alarm Use alarm Swearing Swearing Lateness Lateness Bad Habits Bad Habits Smoking Smoking * Branching – is another form of visual prewriting. 1. List your topic on the left side of a

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