Generals Die In Bed

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Generals Die in Bed Charles Yale Harrison’s war novel, Generals Die in Bed, uses a very discrete kind of writing that assists the reader in understanding the sad, miserable and degrading reality of what life in the trenches was actually like. To the general public, troops in the trenches were perceived as heroic and glorious, however Harrison manages to sway the readers opinion by using deliberate writing techniques to help them see the truth. His short, powerful, but brief sentences about emotion, the repetition of certain events, the limited backstory on the characters and the songs he has the characters sing are all methods with which he is able to get the reader to see what life in the trenches was really like. The trenches were always filled with emotion, most of which was fear and sadness. Harrison showed that the emotions within the trenches could change in an instant. From elation to terror and from terror to relief. “I feel elated…. I am terrified.” Using short sentences such as these, Harrison is able to demonstrate the variety of emotions felt by the troops living in the trenches and to what extent these are felt as well as the events that led to these emotions. These sentences are short and…show more content…
Harrison gives us some form of backstory for each of the characters except for the narrator. This is a very deliberate technique used to try and emotionally attach us to these characters before they are abruptly removed from the story as if they never existed. “Better out of it.” Harrison gets the reader to believe that if a soldier is killed in battle or dies from a disease that they are better off than if they were still alive, but by still applying a backstory albeit small to the characters who die we are made to feel like the narrator as he sees all his comrades fall one by one around
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