Generalized Anxiety Disorders

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ANXIETY DISORDERS Some of us have felt very anxious at times throughout our lives. We are anxious from time to time because it is a natural and normal reaction when we are faced with stressful situations or difficulties. Now can you imagine walking around everyday felling excessively apprehensive and anxious? For some people anxiety becomes chronic and they always have high levels of anxiety at such intense levels at times that it interferes with their ability to function normally. They are said to have an axiety disorder. There are 5 main types of anxiety disorders: * Generalized anxiety disorder * Phobic disorder * Obsessive compulsive disorder * Panic disorder * Post traumatic stress disorder Generalized Anxiety…show more content…
In society mild phobias are common, like being afraid of that vicious dog living three doors down and always untied, you would never venture down that side, always going in the opposite direction from him because you have the irrational fear that you would be bitten although the dog is secured behind the tallest wall ever, and has no real escape route where he can escape and inflict any harm. Although persons with phobias know that their fear of the object or situation is irrational they still can’t control themselves when faced with their…show more content…
He also has some very elaborate cleaning rituals and normally has his entire house meticulously clean and organized. OCD normally occurs in late adolescence with most cases emerging before age 30. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) * After a traumatic experience, one can feel sad, frightened, anxious and out of sorts, but if that doesn’t go away and you’re stuck with painful memories and a constant sense of danger, you are exhibiting signs of PTSD. * Any life situation can trigger PTSD, especially if it feels as though the situation was uncontrolled and unpredictable (ex. The twin towers ). PTSD can affect the person that experienced the tragic event or any emergency personnel that arrive on the scene, especially if it involves death. These symptoms arise suddenly, come on gradually or they can come and go over time. PTSD makes it seem like you can’t ever get over the situation or ever feel normal again. Such events include: * War * Natural

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