General Motors a Case Study

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General Motors in Brazil History General Motors has been established for over 100 years. GM do Brazil was founded in 1925 San Paulo and production began in October of that year, they then commenced operations in another assembly plant São Caetano in 1930. GM relished many prosperous years from then onwards including- GM do Brazil Timeline 1956 | Construction of a new foundry and engine plant in San Jose | 1979 | That same plant was then converted into an automotive plant to keep up with the demand for vehicles. | 1981 | A $500 million expansion plan was launched to meet ever increasing demand | 1991 | Another 5 year $1 billion investment into expansion was launched | 2007 | Car sales up 16% from 2006 | 2008 | GM announced an investment of $200 million to build another engines and components plant | Since 2007 the Brazil automobile industry has grown and made huge strides in quality and reliability to compete with major European countries. The Brazil automobile industry is known for its low cost compact cars, buses and agricultural machinery. Brazil’s automobile industry continues to grow which has seen it become the fifth largest automobile industry in the world. Doing business in Brazil General Motors main focus and key drivers for success in Brazil is innovation, investment, technology and constantly updating and adapting strategies. They recognise that it is a necessity to change and adapt to sustain competitive advantage in Brazils automotive industry. In Brazil the automobile industry is highly competitive, with Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford and General Motors all competing for the top market share in the automobile industry. Chevrolet has the largest automotive portfolio in Brazil with a workforce of 21,000. They realise the growth prospects that Brazil proposes so they invest in the local community and supplying the local economy. Their

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