General Motor Microecon Essay

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Abstract: General Motors Corporation BY Wendy Guadarrama General Motors has been around for over a century. They have been a part of today’s innovative technology that is the automobile. They have climbed to the top and fallen and have still managed to maintain a very reputable reputation as an automobile make and brand. Having survived the 2009 recession making a name for themselves and still being making profits despite the recession. They have a continued dedication to their brand of automobiles and continue to dedicate themselves to remain atop of the auto making industry. General Motors Corporation is one of the largest automobile manufactures in the United States. For well over a century General Motors has established a name for itself. From the quality of their vehicles. As part of an oligopoly market they have survived a harsh economy, which neared bankruptcy. General Motors is a part of an industry that is dominated by what is referred to as the big three. Which consist of General Motors, Ford Motors and Chrysler. They are the most popular and in demand in the U.S and account for more than half of the population of cars in the industry. Because the marker base is not dominated by many automobile manufactures General Motors is considered to be part of Oligopoly. They have managed to take control over the prices of their vehicles and but still stay in competition with its rivals. The United States has relied on many of these corporations in order to keep the economy booming. If these large corporations fail then our economy begins to struggle as well. General Motors is indeed one of the largest corporations in the United States. General Motors is able to employ of 200,000 employees and thus keeping the economy booming and thriving. A brief history to General Motors success was from the beginning of the 20th Century. General Motors was

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