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Project Charter Project Overview This project is aspired to designing, planning and organizing a charity dinner aiming to promote and encourage a vital NGO by the name of Donner Sang Compter (DSC) in Lebanon and to assist in raising money for its cause. This task is approximated to cost $11,600 and to take place in six months’ time, which will provide sufficient time for the organization and preparation before the day of the happening. A number of high-end venues have been brought to our attention however our priority is Habtour Hotel. The aim of this project is to raise money by selling tickets where 20% of their value will be donated to DSC along with the opportunity for attendees to make their own donations during the event. We will be inviting guest speakers and we’ll be providing entertainment throughout the night as means of raising awareness for this cause. The criteria for this project are: * Forming a team * Sponsoring and budgeting * Location * Marketing * Setup and Decorations Just like all other projects, there’s are percentage that this may fail, however, by detailed planning and predicting future malfunction possibilities, we can substantially decrease this risk. More significantly, we cannot disappoint stakeholders. Project Organization In order to ensure the success of the project, four people, who have a background in event planning, a wide network of connections, and team spirit and cooperation, will be required to carry out the following tasks and certify the organization of the charity event. The team members will be referred to as Member A, Member B, Member C and Member D in the following tables. Name | Role | Responsibilities | Member A | Project Manager | 1. Dividing the tasks 2. Guarantee task completion 3. Monitoring and controlling the phases of project 4. Completing Project Charter and plan

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