General Knowldge Essay

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General Knowledge of World * ------------------------------------------------- FACTS ABOUT HUMAN BODY • Normal temperature of body is 98.4 deg: F = 37 deg: C • Corrine is used as paralyzing agent • A nerve cell is called neuron. Each neuron has several inputs called dendrites and a single output called axon • Weakest bone is clavicle bone • Hardest bone is collar bone • The part of small intestine that joins large intestine is colon • Hardest part of body is tooth • Most abundant element in human body is carbon (chk Oxygen or calcium) • Systole is heart contraction • Diastole is heart relaxation • Dendrites are connected with neurons • Epidermis = outer skin is called the True skin, it is free from blood vessels and its cells are nourished by lymph • Muscles are held to the bones by Tendons. • The largest part of the human brain is the Cerebrum • Blood fails to clot in the absence of Calcium • the two most abundant elements by mass found in Earth's crust are Oxygen and Silicon • Eardrum helps in keeping balance of the body • In general, the probability of flooding decreases when there is an increase in the amount of infiltration • Where is the 'Atlas' bone in the human body located? Neck • What does intelligent people have more in their hair? zinc and copper • Which base differentiates DNA and RNA? Uracil • Eye is filled with ________ liquids: two • What is the name of bones of human finger? Phalanges • Pons varolii is found in brain • Human brain contains 4/5th of water • % of water in body is 70% • Carbon in human body is 18% • Heart is conical in shape • Weight of heart is 9 ounces with 4 cavities • Weight of kidney is 41/2 ounces • Weight of brain is 1.4 kg and it consists of 14 billion nerve cells • Right kidney is shorter and little lower than left • Kidneys are supplied blood though renal arteries • Liver receives blood

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