General Education Teachers' Salary and Benefits

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Implications on General Education Teacher’s Salary and Benefits By: Lashonda Singleton English 101 Argosy University With all of the negative things happening in school systems, in today’s society, schools are closing down across the nation. Kids not even old enough to take care of themselves, bringing contraband and weapons to school. Teacher’s not having the right type of security for their profession, to help them against the students that decide to take over the schools for hostages. Schools are merging together, because there isn’t enough funding to keep the schools open. Teacher’s having almost over the limit of students in one class room setting, keep in mind that, that could be a very big fire hazard to school systems. Also with grading all the students homework assignment and tests, can feel like a very big burden for teachers. Teachers have to have a lot of patience, to deal with different personalities from each student. On top of maintaining all of the students attention, in ordinary to teach them the curriculum in a timely manner that they are given. General Education teachers should have the highest paying job in the United States. Teacher’s salaries and benefits in the United States are nothing to get excited about, or jump for joy about. It’s like other occupations in the United States gets paid more than teachers do in all actuality. Depending on what state teachers live in, and what district teachers work for, teachers can either get paid; monthly, or bi-weekly. For teacher’s annually income they only make about; 25,000 to 51,000 a year. Also teacher’s benefits consist of; Medical, Dental, and Vision, with the option to open up a 403(b) investment account. However teachers that are new hires, Boal States that, “By contrast, a change in the U.S Federal minimum- wage law directly affects on the least skilled and the least

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