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General Rules in resolving corporate disputes

  * First , Company's liability for acts of Director :

  * In the case of contract on behalf of the company and in its name   the company is liable.
  * In the case of contract on behalf of the company and in the name of the director   the company is liable.
  * In the case of contract on behalf of the director and in the name of the company two solutions


  * Second , The New Partner (optional):

  * The new partner is responsible since the date of his joining the company for all prior and subsequent debits unless there is an agreement exempted him from prior debits.

  * Third , The withdrawing   Partner (mandatory):

  * Prior debits   liable for 5 years since the date of his withdrawal published.
  * New   debits   he is not liable if he finished the withdrawal publicity and his name was deleted from the company title in case it exist.
  * Debits before deleting the name from the company title   the withdrawal partner is liable and the five years limitation only apply from the deleting date of the partner name from the title.

  * Fourth , The   concessioner   partner of his share (optional):
  * The partner is liable for debits prior to the concessions till the end of five years from date of the publicity of the concession, unless there is an agreement to exempt him from that liability.

  * Fifth , The limited partner converted into General partner :

  * His name is mentioned in the title of the company with his permission or without his objection.
  * Interference in external affairs of the company.
  * Unlimited Joint personal liability.

  * Sixth , The General partner by contribution of services   :

  * The rule is any general partner is personally and jointly liable disregarding the kind of his contribution.
  * An agreement could be settled to exempt the loss liability without considering that one of the lionen conditions that leads to absolute...

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