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GENERAL ACADEMIC REGULATIONS FOR THE FIRST STUDY CYCLE AT IUS PART I - GENERAL RULES Aim and Scope Article 1 – First cycle studies, education, instruction and examinations in the faculties of the International University of Sarajevo are carried out according to these Regulations. DETAILED STUDY RULES FOR THE FIRST CYCLE ARE PRECISED IN THE “STUDY RULES FOR THE FI RST STUDY CYCLE AT I US” , NO. IUS-SENAT 11- 802 /11 from June 21 , 2011 Diploma Article 2- Students who successfully complete their studies at International University of Sarajevo according to these regulations are granted a diploma with the name of the Faculty and Program. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences grants B.Sc. degree. Other Faculties grant B.A. degree. Student Fees Article 3 – In every academic year, I cycle study students and students registered for Preparatory English Language School pay a tuition fee determined by the IUS Board of Trustees. Students who fail to pay their fees cannot complete their registration and are dealt with according to articles 5 and 6 of these regulations. The students with incomplete due payments may not be supplied any official transcripts or documents. Student Affairs Article 4 – Registration in the University, transfers, instruction and examination procedures and dismissal from Faculties and Programs in each semester are decided by the competent bodies (Dean, Faculty Councils, Senate). Students can object to these decisions as it is determined in the above mentioned Study Rules. PART II - REGISTRATION Admission Principles and Final Registration Article 5- A valid high school diploma is the major condition for acceptance. For Turkish citizens who graduated from high schools in Turkey, IUS requires a valid Turkish Central Student Selection and Placement (ÖSS) Exam score or an adequate SAT or equivalent exam score sufficient for diploma accreditation in

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