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Running Head: Gene One Problem Solution University of Phoenix MBA 520: Transformational Leadership Intersect: Problem Solution Week 3 Gene One: Problem Solution and Defense Gene One is a privately owned biotechnology company who is attempting an initial public offering (IPO). During this transition, opportunities within Gene One‘s organizational structure have been made more eminent. This paper uses the Problem Based Learning model the concepts of transformational leadership and organizational culture will be applied to the current internal issues faced by Gene One in the areas of team dynamics, knowledge and leadership style. Gene One is lead by Don Ruiz who has surpassed expectations during its 8-year growth. Don is an intrinsic part of a 5-member team who built the Gene One out of a 2 million-dollar investment. Don’s goal is to position Gene One as an industry leader. In order to acquire large amounts of capital for advanced research and superior product development to meet consumer demand and a grow by 40% per year, Gene One board of directors have decided on an initial public offering (IPO) within a 36 month deadline. Describe the Situation Issue and Opportunity Identification Gene One has several opportunities within the organizations. These opportunities are organizational culture, teamwork, and leadership. A company’s organizational culture is “the basic pattern of shared assumption, values, and beliefs governing the way employees within an organization think about and act on problems and opportunities,” (McShane and Von Glinow, 2005). Gene One must understand how employees' attitudes, feeling, and emotions affect job satisfaction and productivity. By understanding their employees Gene One can mitigate the affects of change. Through the IPO transition Gene One’s organizational culture is lacking employee loyalty.

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