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(Introduction)A man who was casual, self-confident and a poet in motion (citation). Gene Kelley revolutionized dance in film. From his first his first Broadway performance, Pal Joey to the beloved classic An American in Paris, Gene Kelley dazzled American with his grace and athletic ability. This post-World War 2 director, actor and singer was immortalized in singing in the rain, which was one of the first films to be chosen for the library of congress. (Credibility) I have watched many of Gene Kelly’s films and read about him in many books. (Relate to the audience)Although a large group of you may have heard of singing in the rain, but I would bet most audiences would not know that not only did gene Kelley sing and dance in that movie, he directed it as well. (Thesis) You are going to learn about the many different hats gene Kelly wore throughout his career. Transition) now first I must portray the greatness as a dancer and choreographer. (Need) People must hear the greatness of gene Kelly or his greatness could be forgotten about and that would be a travesty. A. Gene Kelly was a mastermind of movement (Hirschhorn 30-2) 1. According to (The Films of Gene Kelly – Song and Dance Man. New York) Thomas, Tony (1991). The Films of Gene Kelly – Song and Dance Man. New York, NY: Carol Publishing Group) He view dancing biggest problems were that most were trained by women. a .You can spot many male dancers who have this tuition by their arm movements — they are soft, limp and feminine. (Tony) b. He tried to change this and by bringing on other male dancer and teach them much stronger movements while preforming. Gene Kelly: A Biography by Clive Hirschhorn (Jan 1985) 2. Kelly practiced dancing religiously sometimes by himself, but also by watching and studying different type of dance. He started learning from young age and kept learning new crafts as he

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