Gender Stereotypes In Frankenstein

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Today’s society is overly concerned with the way men and women look. There is a near impossible standard set for the way both genders are meant to look, and there are a lot of problems caused over them. Men are “supposed to” have defined abdominal muscles, bulging biceps, a rugged and strong looking jaw line, and always be taller than their female counterparts. In the same way, women are expected to have long, soft, flowy hair, a perfect hourglass figure, long and lean legs, flawless skin and exquisite make-up. Not only are these standards physically impossible for some men and women to achieve, they are completely unfair. Nowadays, things like magazines and celebrities try to define beauty and fit the “ideal image” of a gender into a box. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it always has been and it should remain that way. For my male Frankenstein I choose to emphasize certain parts of the male body. The head and face for my male are extra-large because men are…show more content…
Her eyes would be big with fluttery, dark eyelashes, her nose; small and round, her lips perfectly pouty, soft and plumped. She would have the perfect hourglass figure making her bust and hips seductively curvatious and over exaggerated while still having a waist tiny. Finally, her legs would be very long and lean. In my Frankenstein, I chose to highlight the woman’s bust and legs and minimize her arms, head and torso. All of the lesser parts are still expected to be flawless, toned and tanned but the majority of what society expects of women comes from their legs and bust. Overall appearance is a lot more important to women than it is to men. This is due largely to the role society still places women in: a possession of the man, meant to make his life easier. They aren’t expected to be smart, outgoing, or contribute to society in any way, expect to be beautiful enough for a perfect, capable man to claim them so they can get married and have

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