Gender Roles In Pleasantville

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The movie Pleasantville begins in the 1990s. Main characters, David and Jennifer are fighting over the television remote and they end up breaking it. A strange repair man shows up at the door unexpectedly and gives them a new remote. It transports them into David`s favourite 1950s sitcom, entitled Pleasantville. The movie is about their adaptation to the new environment and their struggle to return to the modern world. The differences of the impact that Pleasantville has on David and Jennifer is very interesting. Jennifer changes from a misbehaved teenager to a pleasant young lady. David acquires a lot of confidence from living in Pleasantville and changes from a quiet student to an outgoing one. Many of the main themes in this movie were discussed…show more content…
Men are the breadwinners, expected to provide for the family. Women are the housewives and are expected to raise the children and please their husbands. In the movie, George is at work most of the time and he is responsible for the income of the family. His income has to be enough to provide for the family because he is the only one that works. This is a typical gender role for men that live in Pleasantville. Women have specific gender roles as well. They all wear similar clothes that include a dress and apron, and their hair and makeup are always done nice to please their husbands. They are also expected to have dinner ready for their husbands when they get home. George always yells “honey I’m home” when he returns from work and he expects his wife to greet him with his dinner. Teenage boys are responsible for certain things in a relationship. For example when Bud goes on his first date his mom says “Don’t forget to open the car door, pay for dinner, and give her your jacket if she’s cold!” It is evident that men and women have specific gender roles in…show more content…
It demonstrates the themes effectively and in an interesting way. I liked watching this movie and it raised many interesting questions about society norms and changes. It made me wonder if life was ever like life in Pleasantville. I also found the biblical references interesting. One example was when David took a bite of the apple from his girlfriend. It was similar to the bible story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Although confusing at times, the themes and overall messages were strong and I really enjoyed this

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