Gender Roles And Expectations In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Courtney Gibson In the Odyssey based on Homer’s epic poem by Gareth Hinds, King Odysseus is going on an epic journey. King Odysseus is trying to make it back home to Ithaca after being in the War of Troy. The theme of Gender Roles and Expectations are shown when Penelope was expected to be loyal to Odysseus while he was away, Odysseus was not expected to be faithful to Penelope because he was a man, and the maid was supposed to be loyal to Penelope, but she was not. Penelope was supposed to be loyal to Odysseus for twenty years. In Ancient Greece women were expected to stay loyal to their husbands while they were away at war. Penelope was loyal and faithful to Odysseus the whole time he was gone. “It is your own mother who
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