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Jack Volpe Mrs. Mason Pop Culture Gender Role Essay As the Women’s Rights Movement began to increase in popularity in the mid to late twentieth century, America began to see a shift in how popular culture began to portray the father figure of the family. In earlier shows such as Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, and Married with Children the father of the family is shown to be caring, hardworking, and a benefit to have in society. As Women began to take a more active role in society during the Women’s Rights movement, men began to be portrayed differently than they did before. Now shows like Modern Family, Family Guy, and the Simpsons portray fathers as being extremely unintelligent, arrogant, and idiotic. In the 1950’s TV sitcoms showed the father of the family to be one of security, leadership, and intelligence. In Leave it to Beaver Beavers father is the most sensible character in the whole show; he is basically a role model for his children. Recent pop culture does not portray the father of the family the same way as the earlier pop culture did. That’s not to say that all recent shows always make the father out to be the fool, but it is seen increasingly more today. In recent TV shows the father figure is now made out to basically be the punching bag of the family. Shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy make the father look like a complete fool with their blatant stupidity and immature comments. Also shows like modern family make the one father of three act as if he is as mature as his eight year old son. Sometimes it is hard to tell what the father is exactly portraying in todays TV, but one thing for sure is that the father is made out to look somewhat worse as a parent now. In conclusion, it is clear that this dramatic shift in how popular culture shows the father figure is from the massive Women’s Rights Movement in the mid twentieth

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