Gender Roles Essay

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Adam Natale Journal #11 Today, in our society, males and females are regarded as completely different people with different roles. There are many different expectations for each gender. I cannot speak for women because I am man, however it seems to me that in today’s world, less is expected from women in the long run. Men are expected to work and provide for their family. I feel that men are given more opportunity in life, so I personally would choose to be a man. The subject of the gender role is a very controversial topic these days. The views are shifting in society and it is becoming something that is very politically incorrect to consider the differences between men and women, however I feel that men are given more opportunity in today’s world. Not to say that women should not be given credit. Women are obviously extremely important in today’s society. Primarily, women give the care they need to their young and society knows that that is their duty. That being said, it is expected for men to venture out into the world to provide for their family. This stereotype in the U.S. today creates a workplace centered on men being the leaders of the workforce. Also, other than the stereotypes present today, I feel that men can more easily express themselves if they choose to. Women seem to be much more judgmental and caring about how they look, how others look, and the image that they portray. Men seem to be less caring of what society thinks of them, however this can unfortunately lead to disrespect to certain people such as women. In all honesty, it is hard to decide which gender I prefer as I am a man and I am interested in manly things, therefore I prefer the male race’s activities. But as they say “Fat Bottom Girls Make The Rockin’ World Go Round’”. This statement may sound silly however I fully agree with it. I would be nowhere without women

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