Gender Role Swap

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Transition of Gender Roles In today’s society, the superior figure in the household roles is often seen by Americans to be the family’s male. Due to several setbacks and economic crisis’s, these roles of the money making father and the household soccer mom might have created a transition of gender roles. Recently, men have often sat at home, doing laundry and helping their children with their homework, while women are occupied with their jobs in executive positions bringing home the cash flow that supports the family. In the past decade, transition of gender roles of families in the United States have become more apparent, while women scale farther above men in career fields. In the articles “Why Men Fail”, by David Brooks and “Who Wears the Pants in this Economy?” by Hanna Rosin, the authors examine how women are becoming more adaptable in today’s evolving career trends and how this has caused a set-back for men in the United States. In the last decade, men, especially working class and middle class men, have had very different experiences in this economy from the women around them (Rosin, 3). In the early 2000’s, the housing bubble created a sort of “cover up” of the recession by creating jobs in construction and other aspects of it (Rosin, 3). When the market crashed, the recession in the United States became ever more so elusive and unemployment rate skyrocketed. Many industries and manufacturing plants in the nation became bankrupt and extensive amounts of jobs were lost. Requirements and standards in jobs mostly held by women are being placed in higher demand, such as jobs in health and education services, seemed to replace those that were lost in the manufacturing industries (Rosin, 3). This is because these career fields provide a stable foundation to keep America’s employment rate rational, and also to improve the economic middle class (Rosin, 3). The

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