Gender Role Stereotyping

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Nicole Mack October 7, 2014 103 0 Essay #1 Rough Draft Lena Andersson Gender role stereotyping spreads through society, often negatively and/or positively which may or may not affect the behaviors of people consciously and unconsciously. Gender role stereotyping occurs because people and society expect an individual to act as such of the “norms” or behaviors based upon their sex or anatomy, male and female. There are many negativities that effect people and their behaviors from stereotyping, which violates the individual’s personalities to achieve the expectations of our society. Most of these stereotypes communicate inaccurate information about people. Girls and boys, women and men who are acting against the rules per say are considered gender outlaws. In Claude M. Steele’s essay, he writes about the “Stereotype Threat”, which is where society creates the pressures of a woman to act like a female and be feminine and a man to act like a male and be masculine and the awareness of she or he may be judged. This can also promote negative effects as increasing anxiety, mental illness, depression and anti-socialness. (Page 554) Why is society able to dictate who we are as a gender and which we should portray? Why are parents required to teach their children to be girly if they are a girl and to be boyish if they are a boy? This is because of gender schema in which children and some adults will incorporate self-concepts, experiences, environment and cultures to define their genders or roles. As a parent of 2 boys and 1 girl, I have always let them be who they are. Of course the norm is boys play with trucks and in the mud where girls play dress up and stay clean. Well my daughter is one of the “boys”, she loves trucks and cars and loves to ride four-wheeler and getting muddy. But she also gets dressed up in dresses and loves to do her hair. I have never

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