Gender Representations: Analysis of Crying Game

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Hüma Saruhan 12.06.2012 Gender Representations: Analysis of Crying Game The Crying Game is a movie with a story about the relationship between a hitman who was in charge of killing a hostage with whom he builds a friendship, and a girl that the hostage had a special romantic relationship. The hitman, Ferguson, promises to the hostage, Jody, that he will go find that girl and tell her that Jody was thinking of her all the time. Ferguson finds the girl but after spending some time with her, he falls for her without knowing that her biological sex is not really female. The moment he realizes this truth about Dil, Ferguson behaves in a different way than he used to do, although he does all he can in order to protect her from his dangerous ex colleagues, especially from Judy, another female character of the movie. The movie points out the common stereotypes of social roles of the woman-man binomial and their accepted behaviors, according to their bodies and genders. The transvestite character of the movie adopts the female gender despite her biological sex, and behaves truly as a women should in the society, at the same time she expects men to do the same, if they adopted the male gender and role. On the other hand, we see another woman type, with female sex but behaving totally like a man, as a dangerous “hitwoman”. Male-sexed, female-gendered as a “typical” woman and her relationship with the male character: Dil, male-sexed but female-gendered character, represents the femininity in the movie, with all her behaviors, and “musts” that a girl is supposed to have. Her dress, skirts and high heels, and pretty makeup, how she talks and walks, even her room, full of girly stuff, like sexy pink curtains on the bed, some cosmetics, and accessories are representations of how a woman should be (in the same way, the room of Ferguson looks masculine, with less accessories

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