Gender Relations Essay

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Gender Relation Essay “Women”, a word that is used to describe our loving mothers, sisters, and family is considered inferior to men on the society chain? Does this even make sense since women are indeed capable of doing what the majority of men are able to do? It is however, sadly, based on the traditional view of the public and has not changed much over all these years. In addition, this superiority of men over women is all the women’s fault. They were the ones that automatically, and idiotically, placed themselves underneath the men unconditionally. The behavior of the sexes contributes to the subordinate of the females. For example, “Men had higher levels of these traits: ‘aggressiveness, dominance, self-confidence, and activity level’ while women had higher levels ‘verbal ability, compliance, nurturance, and empathy scales’” (Mecaskey, 2008). Basically, to summon it all up, men possess biological personalities that are in a way more hostile and are able to over dominate the women’s mother-like traits. This, nonetheless, has inevitably created another problem for the female population. Since the men are the almighty dominance of the sexes, they also set up the rules or “Patterns” for the females to follow. Lawrence (“Give Her a Pattern”) supported the statement. He stated that “...there are many masculine theories of what women should be. But men run the type, and it is the type, not the individual, that produces the theory or “ideal” of women”. Again, this shows the dominance and the power of men on just some of the patterns given to the women; examples from Lawrence include “child-wives, little-boy-baby-face girls, perfect secretaries, noble spouses, self-sacrificing mothers, pure women who bring forth children in virgin coldness, prostitutes who just make themselves low, to please men”. Plus in the end, “Whatever pattern the poor women tries to live
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