Gender Relation In Media Essay

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In modern day America there is not one day that goes by that a person is not affected by the media. The judgments we make about people, events or places are based on our own direct impressions. But for most of the knowledge, we rely on media. The media actually represent the world to us. However, the media only shows us some aspects of the world, ignoring the rest. So basically, the media chooses what is to be shown and what is to be discarded (Andrew Pilkington and Alan Yeo (2009)). Gender representation in the media, ecspecially magazines are often sterotyped. Stereotypes can be defined as an exaggerated belief about an individual or a group based on their appearance, behavior or beliefs. Though our world seems to be improving in many other ways, it seems almost impossible to emancipate it from stereotypes. Today, the media is so powerful that it can make or break an image of a person and also can change the views of the audience about a how a ceartin gender is supposed to carry out their roles. The media almost always sterotypes men and women in magazines. In fashion magazines men are advertised as strong, masculine, tough, hard and independent while women are shown as fragile, soft, weak, and sexy. Magazines are full of images of women and girls who are typically white, desperately thin, and tailored to be the perfect woman by socities expectations. Looking through different magazines it will be found that the advertisements are full of white girls with a large breast and a size zero waist. In these ads beauty sterotypes are also found. Every little aspect of the womens body is focused on like the lightness or darkness of her skin, eye color, texture of hair if it’s curly, wavy,kinky,or straight, the shape of her nose, lips, and even the size of her neck. Leaving the women to look like an underage sex icon. The extremely artificial women and the heavily

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