Gender of Love Essay

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Love is an emotional bond or an attraction that brings people of the same or different gender together. The word love itself does not have color or gender. There is no separation or distinction between the two. The emotion of love can be expressed and experienced by both genders in the same way. But since the world has always reinforced division between gender, race, and culture so is the emotion of love. The world today does not identify everyone as an equal human being, we are each judged or identified according to our gender either male or female, our skin type which society focus mostly on black and white, our cultural background, our religion....if we left all the gender division and gender stereotypes of skin color and ethnic affiliation on the side, we are all human beings born of a woman and we share similar physiological needs such as the need for food, water... We all need some sense of security and sense of belonging. Whether it is the sense of identification we get from a group, organization or even perhaps the people closest to us; our families, we all need that sense of belonging; the need to be loved and the rejection that pains us so much. We need this rejection to let us feel love, without it we would never come to know how to love and be loved. We are all Hedonistic beings; we seek for pleasure and avoid pain even though this pain leads us to love. With Animals in the wild, it’s all about the survival of the fittest; it’s about domination because animal’s lack reason, good judgment and most of all, they can’t differentiate right from wrong. In our creation we were given the free opportunity to do as we please, but also given a conscience to know if that decision was a proper one or not. Human beings have a conscience and that’s what separates us from the animals. The idea of domination and one being superior over the other only brings

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