Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace We always heard about gender inequality between men and women in the society. But how far we know about this issue? What is the actual definition for gender inequality? Based on my research, according to Dr. Justice A.S. Anand, gender inequality refers to the obvious or hidden disparities among individuals based on the performance of gender. This problem in simple term is known as Gender Bias which means the gender stratification on making differences between a male and a female. Actually, the issue of gender inequality has been publicly reverberating through society for decades. Gender of inequality in the workplace problem is being one the most pressing issues. I am going to describe about how gender inequality issue was happening in the workplace. There are two types of gender inequality issues that I agree it always happen in the workplace such as the job discriminations and “mommy track, but at the same time I really disagree about the differences in wages between men and women now. First of all, we can see this issue always happened in the professional or employment career between men and women. There is still discrimination towards the women in having jobs. Women are mostly treated differently by men. The society always thinks that women are weaker than men. The reason is because we can see clearly physical differences between men and women. I mean men have stronger and muscular body and they can stand in doing challenging and rough work. But women have smaller body size compared to the men and probably not all of them could stand with challenging and rough work. That’s why we can see most of the women in 1950’s will be staying at home and does the housework after getting married although they have an academic qualification from any universities. This culture has become a legacy until now but in different situation and

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