Gender Inequality as It Exists Today

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Gender Inequality as it Exists Today Gender inequality exists today in many forms. It is a global concern that has been highlighted in areas in all countries despite the diversity of their political systems and technological advancements. While government restrictions adversely affect both men and women, women seem to be more subject to a host of additional gender- specific human rights violations. In this paper, I will focus on the most extreme cases globally of gender inequality as a point of illustration. Divorce Currently in many countries, husbands can divorce their spouses easily, (sometimes even just through oral repudiation), wives sometimes have very limited access to divorce making it nearly impossible. In Lebanon, battered women cannot file for divorces on the basis of abuse without testimony from eyewitnesses, even if they have a medical certificate from a doctor that documents such abuses. In Egypt, a woman can now initiate a divorce, but in doing so must renounce all right to the couples finances and repay any dowries. In addition, while many countries criminalize adult, consensual sex outside of marriage, Moroccan women are much more likely to be charged with having violated laws doing this than men. ( Education In many areas of the Middle East, girls are taken out of school when they hit puberty. Afghanistan, for instance, will not allow boys and girls to attend the same school after the third grade. Although some progress has been made since the fall of the Taliban, women are still struggling for educational rights. Literacy rates are extremely low amongst Afghan women as only 18% of women between the ages of 15 and 24 can read. ( Female Infanticide Last, but certainly not least, there is still the issue of female infanticide. China’s one child policy has
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