Gender Inequality Essay

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Alternative Medicine Throughout history, people from various cultures and countries used alternative medicine as treatments, health care practices, and as a medicine for many types of diseases, injuries, and chronic pain. Alternative medicine could be described as the practice of natural therapies or medicines without the use of drugs; may involve any natural herbal medicines, massage therapy, spinal manipulation, and acupuncture. Alternative medicine uses a variety of therapies that work to increase wellness, heal injuries, and prevent illnesses. Many people use these treatments and therapies in variety of ways. Some people use alternative medicine as an approach to replace conventional medicine. For example, this could mean using herbal products instead of prescription drugs or having natural therapies instead of surgeries. Today more than a third of Americans or over 36 percent of U.S. adults use some form of alternative medicine according to The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine [NCCAM], and National Health Interview Survey [NHIS], 2009. Another study which was administered to more than 31,000 U.S. adults showed that the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) was greater among a variety of groups or population, which included women; people with higher education; people who had been hospitalized within the past few year; and former smokers, compared to current smokers or those who had never smoked (NHIS, 2002). This study also revealed that African American adults were more likely than white or Asian adults to use CAM when megavitamin therapy and prayer were included in the process of CAM (Alternative medicine’ popularity prompts concern). There are many different reasons why people chose alternative medicine over conventional medicine. Some people use alternative medicine because of financial factor, for religious

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