Gender Income Inequality Essay

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Gender inequality in the 21st century workplace? Are Women paid less than men? We’ve all heard some form or another of a income gap, whether from parents or in general, that men are paid more than women and even now in the 21st century there is still an income inequality between the two. But the question behind the myth still remains “are men justifiably paid more than women?” To really understand and break down the question, we have to consider all of the elements that go into this accusation: Are women in different jobs? Do women get paid less for the same job? Do women work as much as men? If we look and research these questions, there is definitely some income inequality between men and women, however the gap is shrinking. Inequality in the workplace is headed in the right direction for women . The reason the income gap is over exaggerated is because the gap does not account for differences in occupations, education, job tenure, negotiating skills, and work habits. To fairly assess whether there is an inequality in pay between men and women first we must understand the job fields that men and women are in. Earlier this year the democratic party took the stance of women as they tried to pass the “Paycheck Fairness Act”.(CNN) The fact that the democrats pushed to pass this act might give off the idea that men are getting paid more than women for the same job. While sometimes this may be true we have to acknowledge the fact that this may even be the case backwards as women might get paid more than men in certain fields. However if we dive deeper, in any line of business there is inequality in pay not because of gender like the democrats are arguing, but “disparity exists because a female social worker makes less than a male engineer.”(Vivien Labaton). The fact of the matter is that it is not safe to argue that women get paid less for the same job but rather

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