Gender In Japan Essay

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Chris Taylor Dr. Kahf HUMN 1114H 2/27/2012 Women Take the World In American culture, women are sometimes seen as less than equal to their male counterpart. They have come leaps and bounds within the past century, and they will continue to gain more equality as time goes on. However in some cultures, women made these steps long ago. In the early history of Heian Japan and Islam, women held a high position in society. Evidence can be found from texts and space to show how early women defined their status and power. Many women in these times affected men’s rule and even ruled over men. These women changed history and showed that they were just as able as men to lead. Any man who has had any type of relationship with a woman knows how much she can affect his entire life. From lover to friend, women have been affecting men’s decisions from the beginning of time. This is very evident in certain cases. For example, an emperor’s consorts had an affect on how the emperor’s palace looked. At first, only his primary consort, “kogo”, had her palace incorporated into his. After 806 however, his “kisakis”, all other consorts besides primary, started being incorporated into the palace. Also just as females today can affect their male companion or even father’s decision, women back then would also sway an emperor’s decision and change the entire way a country is ran. For instance, the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) said, “My daughter Fatema Zhera is the flower of my heart, and she is my soul(“Flowering of Islam” slide 37.)” This shows just how much a female can mean to a man. When someone means that much to a person, they affect every decision they make. However, a woman didn’t necessarily have to be associated directly with a man to affect him. Lady Muraski proved this with her tale of Genji. She wrote a magnificent story called The Tale of Genji. In this tale, many

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