Gender Identity Paper

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Gender Identity Paper Nicole Good PSY/340 Dr. Colleen Greene February 25, 2013 Hormones and behavior, two words that make any person want to scream for the simple fact that that they know exactly what those two words do to a teenager or to anyone for that matter. Hormones cause a person to experience rambunctious behavior and uncontrollable sexual urges. However, hormones and behavior can have a different effect on us as they can have an effect on gender identity. When there is too much or too little androgen, which is a testosterone for developing masculinity in boys, when a fetus in still in utero that can have many lasting effects on the parents and the child as it grows up into an adult. This fluctuation of androgen along with any other biological and/or environmental factors has a strong influence on gender identity. Research is still ongoing to understand gender identity and which has the greater influence on gender identity, nature, or nurture. In human beings purposes such as sexual behaviors and reproduction shape and influence social influences in such a way, that human sexuality expresses itself across history and capricious cultures in many different ways. These are very powerful cultural influences and the biological factors involving sexual arousal and its response remain essential to the experiences of human sexual behavior (Bancroft, 2002). The biology of sexual reproduction is simple: males have two sex chromosomes, X and Y; while females have two X chromosomes. Sexual differentiation is determined with the presence or absence of the Y chromosome therefore, if the Y chromosome is not present then the development is along the female lines but if the Y chromosome is present along with the X chromosome, then the development is along the male lines. The SRY, which is a sex-determining gene region of the Y chromosome, a

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