Gender Identity Issues Essay

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Boys Don’t Cry Although Laws protecting LGBT Americans have just recently passed, the murder and violence portrayed in this film are real events that are still taking place today towards people with a “different” sexual preference. I was in distress and very sadden after watching the movie Boys Don’t Cry. The movie was very honest, heartbreaking and difficult for me to watch as well as haunting days later after seeing it. It tells the true and heartrending story of Teena Brandon, who moves to Falls City Nebraska and lives her life as popular man with the women whose friends later find out she was really born a woman. The movie shows the hatred and crimes towards Teena Brandon while experiencing her sexual identity crisis and the tragic events that took place. Keep in mind this is a true story and still continues today where you and I both live. The movie Boys Don’t Cry was written and directed by Kimberly Peirce and Andy Bienen. It was very successful mostly due to word of mouth. It brought in over 2 million while actually being independently funded. The film won 42 awards and was nominated for 27 others. Most of the wins for the film went to Hilary Swank’s role which played Teena Brandon. It was released on October 1999 after Peirce and Bienen faced controversy from the MPAA who wanted the double rape scene, and lesbian sex scene toned down or removed although comfortable with the violence and murder scenes. Although hard to watch this movie, I feel it is a honest story that needs to be told and heard from all individuals. The movie starts out with Brandon being chased by family members of a girl she was involved with. They were yelling homosexual related remarks and threatening Brandon until he reached the trailer she was sharing with her cousin Lonnie. While talking to cousin Lonnie we find out Brandon had previously been in trouble with the law, as

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