Gender Identity Disorder Essay

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The transgendered community has always fascinated me. I’ve had a couple transgendered friends, and I always felt so annoying for asking so many questions. One thing I never knew was that if an individual wanted to undergo sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy, that they would first have to be diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. I can see why this is such a controversial topic among psychologists and probably the LGBT community, especially trans individuals. Some feel as though it is necessary to diagnose these individuals with GID before surgery or hormone therapy, while others feel as though it is offensive and the diagnosis shouldn’t even exist. I, personally, do not have a specific opinion, but I do want to explore both sides of the argument. One opinion is that these transsexual individuals need to be diagnosed with GID first. Sex reassignment surgery, even hormone therapy, is a big deal. It’s a life changing experience, and I think medical professionals want to be certain that the individual who wishes to undergo such a life changing experience is completely serious about it. It’s almost like the qualifications for a person to undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons only accept people who meet the qualifications for a particular type of plastic surgery. Any surgery by choice, and is going to change a person’s appearance, is dangerous. Otherwise, any lunatic could go in and get surgery. Trans individuals are considered to have a disorder, because of the definition of a mental disorder. A mental disorder, according to the infamous DSM, is a “behavioral or psychological syndrome” that can “impair one or more areas of functioning.” The opposing opinion, which comes mainly from trans individuals and some psychologists, is that the diagnosis of GID shouldn’t even exist. Trans individuals are not crazy, and they are not

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