Gender Identity Essay

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North Country & Gender Identity The movie North Country is based on the true story of Lois Jenson, who made American History by filing the first class action lawsuit for sexual harassment. In the film Charlize Theron plays the roll of Josey Aimes, the daughter of an iron miner in Northern Minnesota. Josey has had to overcome many obstacles within her lifetime. Josey leaves her abusive husband and moves in with her parent’s with her two children. She was left with an unwelcoming atmosphere as her father assumes, without questioning, that it was her unfaithfulness to her husband that brought her and her children to his home. Even her own son doesn’t know what to believe about his own mother. The film North Country really emphasizes the tendency to assume that women are put at fault when in a conflict with a man. All Josey wants is to be able to support herself and her two children, which is a completely

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