Gender Identity Essay

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According to Myers, "Gender Identity is a person's own sense of being male or female." Right from the birth, depending on the gender, a child would be assigned a gender specific name, which continues to shape the child’s gender identity as they grow up. There are different types of sexuality and it is individual choice and decision as what they want to be. However, traditionally, I believe that assigning of a special role for gender mainly comes from cultural beliefs. Although gender roles have changed over the years in my community. Culturally, the tradition of men as the head of the household and women as the homemaker still exists. Women play an important role as mother and nurturer. This notion of belonging to a certain gender was instilled in me as a young child. When I was around the age of twelve, I was expected to learn household chores and take responsibilities for my younger siblings whereas my brothers were not expected to do the same. Also, certain behaviors are considered innate in girls and boys. Girls are expected to have a gentle behavior and speak softly. Boys were excused more for their "wild" behavior because they are boys. Physical outlook can also make great impact on gender identification. Keeping long hair and grooming would be considered feminine. Gender differentiation can be profoundly noticeable with outfits. In terms of my own experience, I had no qualms about being a girl. I always enjoyed my identity as a girl. As a Child, I enjoyed having access to all things considered "girly": make-up and high-heeled shoes. I still enjoy these things, but after growing up, my perception of female identity is more about one's attitude and the responsibilities they have. Although I believe that both men and women are important in building a society, I feel that women can contribute imperatively by raising a good and useful human being in the

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