Gender Female Infanticide

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Research Essay- The Causes and Consequences of Female Infanticide in South Asia Female infanticide is “the abortion of a fetus because it is female or the killing of an infant by a relative because it is female.” Infanticide is a practice that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Although there is now a lot of negative discourse surrounding the topic, in some parts of the world, such as “in rural India, the centuries-old practice of female infanticide can still be considered a wise course of action". However, the practice is not exclusive to India. Evidence suggests that “gendercide” is also an imminent problem in China. Nevertheless cases through India (such as the murders of young girls in Rajasthan) and Pakistan (where there has been an increase in the number of female children who are killed) indicate that gendercide is a particularly pressing issue in South Asia. In fact an increase in female infanticide in South Asia has resulted in a skewed gender ratio in the region. Throughout this essay, the phrase “South Asia” will be used to refer solely to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The following essay will have a fixed structure that is divided into three parts. First, the causes of female infanticide in South Asia will be identified. Next, there will be a discussion about the implications and effects of the practice. Finally, there will be a colloquy about the various governmental and non-governmental schemes that have been set up in an effort to mitigate the aforementioned problem. There will also be an elaboration of the goals, methods, and possible consequences (positive and negative) of these social awareness programs. There are countless examples of gendercide in South Asia. This paragraph will be used to explore some of the more imminent cases of the practice and to subsequently establish that the topic in question is not only existent,
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