Gender Equality Essay

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Dalat, 2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my great appreciation to Mr. Nguyen Tat Thang, the lecturer and also the dean of The Faculty of Foreign Languages – Dalat University, who instructed me to do this research. I also give a special thank to residents in Dalat city who had given their responses to my questionnaire with pleasures. Finally, I would like to give my sincere thank to everyone else who spend their time checking our writing style, grammar and spelling in this research. ABSTRACT This research attempts to investigate onto gender equality in Dalat city. Data was gathered from questionnaires among 50 residents in Dalat city. The report concludes that the inequality between man and woman takes place in many aspects of life including politics, education, economic and job. Most of the participants still not understand clearly about the concept of gender equality and don’t attach much importance to the position of woman in the society. The local authority has conducted many measures and policies in order to reducing the gender inequality; however these laws are not widespread in the community. Besides that, the conception from the old society which is male chauvinism still remain and seem to be hard to change. CONTENTS Acknowledgement Abstract I. INTRODUCTION 5 1.1 Rationale 5 1.2 Aims and purposes 5 1.3 Research questions 6 1.4 Significant of the Research 6 1.5 Limitation of the Research 6 II. LITERATURE REVIEW 7 III. METHODOLOGY 8 3.1 Participants 8 3.2 Method 8 IV. FINDING 9 V. DISCUSSION 12 5.1. The Situation and awareness of people toward Equality between Men AND Women in Dalat 12 5.2 The role of gender equality law and people understands of gender equality law 14 VI. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 16 6.1. Conclusion

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