Gender Equality Essay

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Women have been, are and definitely will be, an integral part of civilization. No society or country have or can progress without an active participation of women in its overall development. Place of women in society has differed from culture to culture, with exception of one similarity in all societies, ‘women have never been considered to be equal to men’. In all the five novels read in this course, with the exception of ‘Sex and the City’, we find women portrayed as meek and submissive, who play a subservient role to father, husband, or son. The extremeness of this image of women is depicted in Manju Kapur’s “Difficult Daughters”. Call it a coincidence or irony, I happen to be born and raised in a small town of Faridkot, which is only about three hours bus journey from the town of Amritsar, Punjab, India. Bigger coincidence is that my wife happens to be born in Amritsar. Since I am familiar with the settings of Manju Kapur’s novel, I would like to discuss the topic of gender equality in India. In this writing, I will be discussing gender equality, keeping in mind the social restraints and the expected role of women in the society and family. A minor comparison of gender roles, in the setting chosen by Manju Kapur at the time of India’s independence to that of today, will also be discussed. Manju Kapur in her novel “Difficult Daughter” had told the story in a very simple manner. She tried to explain, the difficulties women faced within their characters, as mother, daughter and a single independent woman. While explaining the difficulties these women faced, Kapur has also shed light on how some of the women, within the same settings held a strong influence not only within their families, but also within the society. Going into a brief overview of the novel, it is based on the life of a Punjabi family in Amritsar. The main character of the girl

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