Gender Disparity in Mahesh Dattani's Tara Essay

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University of Mumbai NAME – UDAYAN CHAKRABORTY PAPER II – POST INDEPENDENCE INDIAN DRAMA AND POETRY IN ENGLISH COURSE – M.A. (HONOURS WITH RESEARCH) – Part 1 2013 – 14 SEM II ROLL NO. – 6 TITLE – GENDER DIPARITY IN MAHESH DATTANI’S TARA Gender disparity in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara Mahesh Dattani is a prominent name in post colonial Indian drama. His plays mainly deal with the issue of human rights. In On a Muggy Night in Mumbai, Dattani pleads for the rights of the homosexuals. In Seven Steps around The Fire, he is seen pleading for the human rights of the hijras, who constitute a very small section of the society. Dattani also highlights the exploitation of women in a male dominated society in his play Bravely Fought the Queen. The play under consideration: Tara, “highlights unnecessary suffering of the physically challenged” (Joshipura 2009: 160). The play also explores the gender issues in India where a male child is very often given preference over a female child leading to gender disparity. This paper will try to show, on the basis of clear understanding of patriarchal norms of the society, how women always seem to be exploited and how the men in their lives are given more preference over them. The paper also tries to highlight how sometimes even women themselves are responsible for their own suffering in trying to keep up with the unsaid protocols of the patriarchal society. Further, the paper will also touch upon how the men sometimes are bound by societal pressures and restrictions, which keeps them from speaking up aloud for the women they love. Sometimes their actions, which seem to be oppressive, actually stem out from deep love and a desire for the betterment of the oppressed. Tara, by Mahesh Dattani is a story revolving around the lives of the twins Tara and Chandan. They are not normal twins; they are in fact Siamese, or conjoined twins who

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